About Interhorizon

Started in 2000, Interhorizon Corporate Pte Ltd provides PCB Design, Assembly, Prototyping, Fabrication and Component Sourcing, delivering its expertise across a range of businesses and organizations. These include industrial projects, educational institutions such as various ITEs, and multinational corporations such as 3M and Silicon Valley Research Group. The use of PCBs within these fields include practice, research and development. Having over a decade of expertise in PCBs, the team at Interhorizon is also well equipped to provide customizations and solutions where required.

The ability to provide such customizations and solutions stem from its fabrication facilities and network of international suppliers who deliver to high standards. Industrial sizes ranging from 1 layer (0.20mm) to 18 layers (2.00mm) are standard offerings, with production capacities that can Laboraties Inc.)...

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Our Client’s Industries

Interhorizon Corporation Pte Ltd has advanced experience in handling HDI technology enabling full turnkey project support from Product Design to Production. We have experience in mobile gadgets, printers, radio frequency systems and impedance controlled PCBs.
Our technical know-how grants us the ability to understand the importance of precision engineering and follow the most complex specifications. We develop characterization and validation boards used in semiconductor chips, HDI technologies, probe cards, ATE/Load boards, reference design boards, JEDEC drop test and JEDEC thermal cycle boards.
Our full spectrum of productivity and production capabilities have made us a trusted product and service provider. We have experience with general, sensor-based, monitoring, UAV and agricultural automation projects.
Interhorizon Corporation Pte Ltd is a trusted assembly house for the PCB and related components of medical electronic products such as portable ECG’s, PDA devices, hospital beds and temperature sensors, among others.
We have been working with multiple oil and gas companies over the years, providing them with first-hand experience in the production of high-temperature PCB materials, as well as industrial gauges.

PCB Layout Design

Our PCB design services provide electronic solutions to help our valued clients save money and improve their products capability and reliability, by including the latest electronic technology within our PCB design.



Creating your bare PCBs is the core of our business at Interhorizon. Whether you need a few boards fast, or a large quantity of boards on a schedule; whether you need simple pinout/breakout boards or ...



Interhorizon is capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services. For full turn-key service, we will take care of the entire process from preparation Printed Circuit ...



Component sourcing services can mean a decreased time to the market, which will gain you a critical advantage over your competitors. With most non-passive electronic components having lead time of ...



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